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Uncharted 3 Patch Thoughts.

Yesterday, the new , the new patch / live update was released for Uncharted 3 muliplayer. This patch promised 70+ pieces of new DLC to be released  playstation store. Lots of us like me were hoping to be able to be see maybe some of the old old Uncharted 2, Uncharted 1, and The Eye of Indra skins remade in Uncharted 3, and also another playstation heroes skin pack, with skins like the Cole Macgrath and Zeke from Infamous 2 and many more.

However, the real DLC notes have been released here: http://www.naughtydog.com/site/post/new_dlc_for_uncharted_3_week_3/P45/

The first thing you may notice may be this: there is close to no NEW content. Everything apart from the new cowboy items were already able to obtain, yet they put it back into the game as DLC in an effort to extract as much cash out of their customers as possible. This has effectively broken the treasure earning mechanics: why spend 200 hours farming for skeletons (I know a LOT of people who spent loads of time grinding for them) if you can now buy them all from the store for a few quid? People who spent months since launch grinding for skins have now had all of their hard work devalued, and their time wasted. Instead of fixing treasure drops (a know problem that has been known about for months, and ND even said they would fix with patch 1.13 but didn’t) you offer us a easier way. What will there be left to do once I reach the new max level apart from leveling up boosters? Or will they soon be selling gold boosters for ¬£1 each? Me and some of my Facebook buddies were joking about this the other day in the Uncharted Community Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/275282259233797/330618607033495/?notif_t=group_comment_reply). What will they be selling next? Kill death ratio? How about a fiver for 1000 kills and 100 wins? What about 2 bucks for a rampant medal? Silly suggestions yes, but they are looking like the changes that are happening on Uncharted at the moment. I didn’t think it could get worse then then ND selling standard weapons, but now they are selling standard skins that can be obtained by leveling? What about selling a skin unlocked at level zero for a quid (which they did)? It disgusts me.

Please, ND, never do anything like this with the last of us. I will be buying it, but I will be horribly disappointed.

Rant over ~~~